Our Values


Family Owned: EcoBaby is family owned and operated as part of the PureRest Organics brand, which means our products are made with a whole lotta love. We’re committed to each other, and we’re committed to making it right for you. 

Locally Made: Each product is handcrafted in the USA. We are located in San Diego, CA. 

Sustainable: Products are biodegradable and made to last. Sustainable practices are considered at each step of production from design and fabrication to the packaging and shipping materials that bring each product to your door.

Customer Care: We care about people and that means treating our customers right. Transparency is central to who we are, so we invite any and all questions about our products. 

Education: Knowledge is vital to understanding how to care for you and your family. EcoBaby is a resource for natural, organic, and sustainable practices and information. 

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